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Interior Design/Staging: How to Re-design a Room or a House

"I renovated an old student rental known locally as the "neighborhood eyesore."   With an interiors budget at $5.00 per square foot, and Patrick Hayden Design, fourteen days after starting design no one recognized the house.  The UPS delivery man saw the new interior and asked if he had the wrong address.  He didn't !"

--Rose H., Austin Texas

Step One:  De-clutter No matter where our projects are located, Austin Texas, Albany New York, or Hanover/Walpole New Hampshire, Interior clients consistently have three major enemies: clutter, style clash and room/content scale conflicts. The best way to address all three is elimination. Go through the room or rooms you are re-designing and remove everything you haven't used within six months. Put the items on E-Bay for sale or store for sorting at a later date. Ideally the room is empty when you're done: your goal is to reduce the content of your rooms to a minimum. E-bay sales are also a great way to finance a professional consultation.

Step Two:  Determine what you want from the new design Pick three things among items or functions to help  define what you want this room to become.  The idea is to create priorities for what this room will be and how it interacts with other spaces in the house.  Here's an example:

1.  I want this bedroom to become an office
2.  I want three 'Ikea Bjarnum' hooks on one wall at 5'-2" above the finish floor
3.  I want a cool spectrum color on the walls

If you can't get this far, or can't decide which or how many rooms to work on,  move on to step three.

If you are very clear on what you want and only want help on coordination selections, you may be ready to do a two hour consult and be on your way.  In this case, start shopping for paint, fabric, window solution and finish samples.   Clear one large table in the room you are working on and have the designer review and select samples with you.  This is a great and inexpensive way to design a room interior with a professional.  If you are in a more densely populated area such as Albany, New York or Austin, Texas, as opposed to Hanover, Walpole or Rye New Hampshire, check building permit requirements before proceeding.  See the 'How to get a Permit' page for details.

Step Three: Start shopping for a designer.  Do not peruse magazines or try to determine things you don't know at this point, for example, what your decorative style is.  A consultation with a designer will give you direction to better accomplish these things after the consult in less time.  Ask friends whose houses you envy or better yet fill in the form below:

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