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Expert Testimony

"I wish to thank you, for all your time, effort and expertise that were crucial in the case. I was extremely proud to work with you.

Though there were no design drawings to rely on, you found the every detail, which our opposition wished were never found. Speaking for the owners,'  thank you, a thousand times, for your help in restoring value and the constructed integrity to our homes."

Norma P., Homeowners' Association President,  Thetford Vermont

Why Retain Us?

PHD offers expert witness and affidavit services for construction forensic issues during legal investigation or litigation. 
Nothing enters our reports without being presentable in a legal forum.  Anything in our report  we can present in deposition, mediation, or trial.

We have experience contributing to effective and accelerated conflict resolution with strong written and verbal communication skills backed by twenty years of design and construction experience, licensure and code knowledge.


As construction forensic experts we prioritize effective report formatting.  Our reports are concise presentations of project history, defective assemblies and code analysis. A review follows, based on industry standards.  When necessary, we also include photographic documentation and an index of  reference material for each issue.


Our effective reporting prepares us for strong and well organized testimony at deposition, mediation, or trial. We present complex problems in a simple and effective verbal presentation to help our clients accomplish their goals.