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Durable Construction

“We worked together on remediation of structural issues at a condominium project. Patrick was knowledgeable about the structural issues and maintained a high level of professionalism. It was a pleasure to work with Patrick.”

--D. Mitchell, Registered Structural Engineer

Investing in quality technical design reduces maintenance costs and increases how you enjoy your project over time.
  We approach every design solution with a fresh and blank slate. After program and aesthetic considerations we produce the "how to" of foundation, wall and roof assemblies  based on the particular attributes at hand. Local climate considerations such as snow load in Albany New York or moisture cycling in Hanover, Walpole, Rye New Hampshire and White River Junction, Vermont, are factored into design decisions as well.

Foundation, wall and ceiling assemblies need to be built and stay moisture free to perform well over time. We carefully consider waterproofing approaches and vapor barriers to ensure what we build lasts. Thermal considerations of convection and conduction are addressed in assembly choices. Fasteners are carefully selected to address connection strength with regard to material selection and moisture cycling throughout the course of the year.

In addition our assemblies are cross checked with manufacturer's recommendations to minimize maintenance expenses over time.

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