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About Patrick Hayden Design
Patrick Hayden is a registered architect in California and focusing on residential architecture and interiors. He interned at HHPA, a leading design and planning firm in Manhattan. Notable project collaborations include the Middlebury College Fine Arts Center, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Bass Museum Miami Florida and Tenant Improvement for Bank of America. A 14,000 square foot mansion complete with a full size, half basketball court in its barn kicked off his residential work. He is mentioned in the publication: "Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates", by Rizzolli and had a featured project in "Central: Papers on Architecture," a Journal of Midwestern Schools of Architecture. He won the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture Summer Academy's First Book Award, a Design Award, before graduating from High School. The AIA Traveling Exhibit Award and The National Project Managers' Association Award are two of the many acknowledgments these projects have received. Recent projects are located in Albany New York, White River Junction Vermont and Hanover, New Hampshire.

Maximizing Project Value Starts with an Architect
Reducing costs of your project starts with good design.  Resale profits can be maximized by assessing how best to expand your property with a master plan, before you touch a hammer.   Carefully designed floor plans save thousands in heating, cooling and maintenance expenses over the course of ownership by eliminating unnecessary square feet and costly finishes.  Strong technical decisions behind your foundation, wall and ceiling assemblies minimize maintenance and energy costs while maximizing comfort and enjoyment. 

How to Enjoy Design, Construction, and ultimately, Your Home
The navigation bar above will take you to PHD's site pages discussing topics on your mind as you prepare to build or renovate.  While visiting this site keep in mind that strong listening and design skills,  helping you define your style, attention to detail, and careful direction of quality craftsmanship is what we do best.

We Look Forward to Hearing from you

Our clients are not typically millionaires or particularly wealthy.  Several of our clients have accomplished design goals with us for less than a thousand dollars in fees. Our projects are located throughout Albany, New York, White River Junction Vermont and the Hanover/Walpole New Hampshire areas.  Whether your budget is 12 thousand or 12 million PHD can help you enjoy and complete your project.